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Are you looking to improve the green spaces in your life? Whether it is your commercial outdoor or indoor spaces (such as offices), plant hire or you desire to make your garden an award winning oasis Plantability is here for you.


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  • We Design
  • We Create
  • We Water
  • We Maintain
  • You’re Happy

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Plant hire and landscaping are commonly overlooked when structuring a business, although they can offer a unique and defining edge over your competitors. Bring a breath of fresh air into the working life of you and your staff.


Indoor plants have many benefits ranging from employee health to positive customer perception. Indoor plants improve air quality, even a few potted plants in an office space can effectively improve the air quality and environmental comfort. Indoor plants can regulate indoor air quality and microclimates within workspaces reducing urban air pollution. Living plants convert the carbon dioxide we exhale into oxygen, they cleanse and revitalise the air we breathe. They also release moisture, providing a natural means of maintaining correct humidity levels. Indoor plants assists in the promotion of the health and wellbeing of the occupants. Indoor air pollution can cause an array of illnesses like coughing, headaches, sore throat, nausea etc. Research from the University of Technology, Sydney (UTS) shows that the presence of indoor plants reduces workplace illnesses, absences and the feelings of negativity and stress. Greenspaces also help to increase productivity, job performance and satisfaction from employees.

Plantability offers premium services that will assist you in cementing your public image, as well as provide additional benefits of making your staff healthier and happier. Our mission is to create beautiful environments that promote health and happiness in the Central Queensland area.

Plantability is an Australian owned, Queensland based, Landscape maintenance services and live indoor plant hire. We have been in business since 1985, during the past 35 years Plantability has grown from a small Plant Hire business to Central Queensland’s largest landscape contracting business.

Scott McGregor, is Plantability’s Director, and our continued success can be directly attributed to the professional approach that Scott and Jocelyn have adopted. Jocelyn went into business in 1985 when she purchased a local indoor plant hire business with a staff of one and an old van. Rockhampton Indoor Plant Hire, as it was then known, prospered and grew to become Plantability in the mid-ninety’s.

Plantability now has a large range of horticultural services with over 40 staff. We regularly service private and commercial properties in Rockhampton, Mackay, Gladstone, Capricorn Coast and surrounding areas including shopping centres, land developments, retirement homes, commercial premises, and state and federal government agencies.

Our success is founded on providing excellent customer service. We build on-time, on-budget, and to-specification. We take pride in all of our projects and the environment, which is evident in the high standards that Plantability is producing. The majority of our work and success is generated through referrals and feedback from our clients and the evidence of our ongoing commitments.

Plantability services include interior landscaping, landscape maintenance, and indoor plant hire.



Are your office workers prone to flu like symptons, headaches, a lack of concentration? They may have Sick Building Syndrome.

A combination of poor air quality, dust, humidity, environmental factors and a wide range of other elements could be causing your workforce to be unhealthy and less productive. This can be improved…